About us

Esthétique Modèle by Casting Medical Agency, the first casting agency for the medical sector and training workshops.

The first agency to partner with healthcare professionals and candidates for the past 14 YEARS.


Esthétique Modèle is a casting agency dedicated exclusively to the medical sector. Our job is to put candidates wishing to undergo free aesthetic medical procedures (face and/or body) in touch with doctors and major international laboratories in the medical aesthetic sector for workshops or training sessions at medical congresses throughout the world. . In addition, our Medical Casting Agency also offers candidates paid workshops for the demonstration of medical devices. These workshops can take place in France and Europe. We also offer casting for the production of training videos or for the recording of patient testimonials.

The Medical Casting Agency is always ready to serve healthcare professionals and to accompany all its candidates with the utmost benevolence and professionalism.

A CHARTER A MUTUAL COMMITMENT CHARTER: Model/Doctor the winning duo of the training!

Life isn’t a beauty contest. Intelligence lasts. Youth and beauty are seasonal.

The Esthétique Modèle agency acts as a matchmaker and puts candidates in contact with health professionals. The candidate must first register on the Esthétique Modèle website in order to be contacted and invited to participate in a workshop. By registering, the candidate agrees to be contacted, but this does not imply automatic participation. Indeed, there are more candidates than workshops offered. Esthétique Modèle selects the health professionals with whom it collaborates in order to provide the best treatments currently available for the beauty of the face and body.

Being a model also means teaming up with health professionals. Indeed, being a model also means understanding the importance and responsibility of the role to be played in the smooth running of the training event. To commit to participating as a role model is to accept to play a major role in the training event led by the doctors.

The Esthétique Modèle casting agency selects motivated and serious candidates. A briefing is sent to them to ensure that they understand how a typical workshop is to be conducted. The models are selected by the health professionals, the agency does not select the model who will be able to benefit from free medical aesthetic procedures or participate in paid demonstration workshops. It is the health professionals who select their models. The treatments are performed by the laboratories’ referring doctors, thus ensuring a medical service for which the latter are solely responsible. The agency is not involved in any medical care of the model. Medical care is provided exclusively and directly by the health professionals who will have carried out the treatment and will ensure medical follow-up.

The Esthétique Modèle agency acts as a matchmaker and does not intervene in the selection process or medical diagnosis. The Esthétique Modèle agency is responsible for making contact and putting health professionals in touch with registered models. The agency does not provide any medical advice and only coordinates and transmits information.


The Esthétique Modèle agency collaborates with a number of health professionals: doctors, surgeons, laboratories and health establishments to seek out their models for their training workshops in aesthetic medicine techniques or for demonstrating medical devices. These training sessions are led by referent doctors and are exclusively intended for doctors. The medical casting agency, Esthétique Modèle, collaborates with the world’s largest pharmaceutical and dermatological laboratories, with their recognised reputation and expertise, as well as with their teams of referral doctors, who all have in-depth knowledge of and scrupulous respect for professional ethics, which allows for a follow-up and direct relationship with health professionals. In addition, the products used during the workshops have been recognised on the market for many years, and all the products used during the workshops are certified and have received marketing authorisation (MA).


More and more of you are signing up in cities all over Europe to participate in the workshops we offer. We also offer workshops all over the world at the rhythm of international congresses. Our team is established internationally, our collaborators select the candidate models according to the needs of the aesthetic doctors and laboratories of international fame. These training workshops take place in some of the biggest cities in France: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Bordeaux… The Esthétique Modèle agency is also present in Europe: London, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Lisbon, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Geneva, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Stockholm, Oslo… As well as in many other countries around the world such as the United States, Canada, Thailand.