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10 years of expertise: recruitment is our business, medical is our core business!

Over the past 10 years, our agency has developed UNIQUE expertise in recruiting and providing models to demonstrate medical know-how and equipment.

The world of healthcare has its own codes and requirements, and we are imbued with them in our day-to-day work. Our agency recruits and offers its services to healthcare companies, patient associations and medical expert committees.

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Our recruitment agency is acclaimed by some of the biggest names in healthcare!

When it comes to demonstrating equipment for medical use, our ‘Médical casting agency’ works with leading manufacturers of equipment for the healthcare market and healthcare establishments.

Our mission: Recruit and support demonstration events

We recruit models for medical device demonstrations at training conferences for medical specialists and hospital staff. The model (male or female) will be asked to help demonstrate the practical application of the equipment.

agence de casting medical

What is a demonstration of medical know-how?

Our second agency ESTHETIQUE MODELE is dedicated exclusively to the world of aesthetic medicine. During these events, our models are called in for treatment. For these aesthetic medicine workshops, our models take part in events demonstrating the expertise of a renowned doctor.
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What is a medical equipment demonstration?

Some machines, such as ultrasound, X-ray, mobile scanners, cryolipolises, virtual simulation software, etc., should be presented in situ, to make it easier to discover the equipment’s specific features and advantages.
For example, we can use a model to stage a hip or shoulder ultrasound. The candidate’s task will be to work on the instructions of the training doctor or sales team, and to make the demonstration realistic, didactic and attractive.


    Our in-house solution gives us access to a database of over 10,000 registered demonstrators.


    All our processes ensure the confidentiality and security of your data.


    Whether you're a demonstrator or a medical professional, our agency knows how to adapt to your needs and expectations.

Our models trained in medical collaboration

Rigorously respecting the regulatory framework and with a particular concern for the work of our model demonstrators, we strive for a winning collaboration between doctors and the model. Our demonstrator models play a central role in the smooth running of technical and commercial demonstration workshops. Committed and aware of the project, our models form a duo with the sales or medical teams to make the event a success.

Our presence at all national and international medical congresses:

Medical casting Agency organizes numerous medical conferences and demonstration workshops in private clinics and university hospitals, as well as participating in national and international congresses, with rigorous model recruitment projects all over Europe, Asia and America, and event coordination of up to 100 models a day. We are able to support our customers on a day-to-day basis with organizational, administrative and communication issues, and to supervise the entire project process, from recruitment to organization.

agence de casting medical

Are you interested in demonstrating a medical device?

The agency offers you the opportunity to become its Medical Device or Medical Equipment Demonstrator Register on our recruitment site MEDICAL CASTING AGENCY and take part in the biggest congresses by working on a one-off basis while being paid!

The ready-to-wear sector needs models for their fashion shows, the health sector needs models to demonstrate their equipment! Sign up now and work for Médical Casting Agency on assignment! A way of collaborating for a day, or half a day, and sometimes over several days at a medical congress. More than 22,000 people have already registered, and 100% of our candidates are delighted with the assignments they have completed with us!


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For our next paid event, we are recruiting pregnant women to take part in a medical device demonstration workshop. You will act as a role model to help the medical team explain how the device works. Don’t hesitate to register on our website!

Would you like to work on a mission as a demonstrator? Register now!

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Healthcare professional

work with a specialized medical recruitment agency

Are you a laboratory wishing to train doctors or healthcare professionals in the use of your medical device? Looking for a model to demonstrate the benefits of your medical equipment?

Laboratories, doctors, healthcare professionals

If you’d like to demonstrate a technique or use medical equipment to train healthcare personnel, call on our Medical Casting Agency. We’ll find and propose candidates who meet your exact requirements: women, men, physical specifications, availability, mobility. We support the medical device industry in France and abroad. The Esthétique Modèle and Médical casting Agency teams have been able to set up an exclusive registration system that generates a high volume of suitable candidates for medical demonstrations in cities all over France, Europe and the world. This makes it the world’s leading candidate contact database. The agency places a great deal of emphasis on training models, so as to provide you with candidates capable of working in tandem with your doctors to demonstrate the use of a machine or device.


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